White Papers

This white paper provides a brief introduction about why social-style software is important to organizations, and why open source Drupal is the best enterprise social software solution. If, in addition to this, you ‘re looking for information on the cost and value of Social Publishing

This white paper explores the key issues with SharePoint - such as vendor lock-in to a complete Microsoft stack, the burden and high cost of CALS, the high TCO due to the inability to reuse existing hardware, software and skills and how scalability is causing companies to seek more cost-effective and open alternatives.

Discover how an Open Source Records Management solution can help to ensure compliance with corporate Governance, Retention and Compliance procedures.

Discover how to cut through the complexity of the ECM technology stack, avoid proprietary lock-ins and significantly reduce costs by using Open Source ECM software.

The explicit purpose of the OGD is to improve citizen interaction and engagement. Realizing the intentions behind the directive will require significant website innovation for many departments and agencies. Many public sector sites today are based on legacy, static web technologies. What content is available is often out of date, and citizens have limited, if any, ability to interact.

More and more, Open Source presents not only a cost alternative, but an innovation alternative, to proprietary enterprise software products.

This whitepaper examines the information requirements behind the Open Government Directive as well as guidelines set by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Paperless Office Act and records management requirements set by the Department of Defense.

This paper explores security elements that you should consider as you investigate cloud-based document management.

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