Email Encryption


Secure EmailNow you can deliver confidential business communications safely, letting users send and receive encrypted email directly from their desktops as easily as regular email. Email can be encrypted without complex hardware and software to purchase, configure, or maintain, which helps to minimize capital investment, free up IT resources, and mitigate messaging risks.

How Encryption Works

When you encrypt an email message the contents become scrambled so they cannot be deciphered during transmission.  This prevents hackers from intercepting and reading the message before it arrives in the recipient’s inbox.  Once the message is received by the intended recipient they use their private encryption key to open the message and descramble the contents so it is legible.


To protect  your organization from the serious and growing risks of profiling, identity theft and privacy invasion online you need strong security for your email. 876 Solutions, a Rackspace partner, has been providing secure and reliable email for over 7 years, enabling thousands of individuals and organizations to protect their privacy online. Some of the benefits of our encrypted email offering include.

  • Building trust in email communication.
  • Protecting your assets.
  • Staying protected on the move.

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