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Web Application Development

The 876 Solutions web application design teams specialize in the design, development, and management of your web development project from start to finish. With 876 Solutions' depth of experience in a wide range of applications, our web consultants are uniquely qualified to create the ideal web solution for your business.

Why 876 Solutions?

A wide range of small businesses trust 876 Solutions as their web development solutions provider. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Superior Customer Service - our web development team is committed to our client's success. We recognize that success on the web takes ongoing effort and are committed to helping our clients reach their goals over the long haul.
  • Comprehensive Solutions - 876 Solutions provides comprehensive solutions including web page design, web hosting, network consulting, internet connectivity, and much more.
  • Experience - we have years of experience creating solutions to challenges much like those you face. We know how to balance the cost efficiency of off-the-shelf solutions with your custom requirements and brand.
  • Team Philosophy - every project we take on at 876 Solutions is handled by a cross-trained team of graphic designers, database engineers, and application developers. We have learned through experience that a team based approach produces the highest quality solutions for our clients.
  • Focus on ROI - we seek to understand what is important to our clients. We want our clients to be successful on the web and are committed to help make that happen. Our team will often have suggestions based on experience for how clients can make the most of their web investment.
  • Relationship Philosophy - we recognize that successful businesses are built on a foundation of relationship. We see ourselves as your business partner - we provide responsive, quality services that free you to focus on what is important, your business.
  • On-Demand Support - our customer support and ability to respond to problems is second to none. With your installation so close to our engineers, consultants, and development team, our ability to react effectively and cohesively to your needs is unparalleled.

How much will it cost?

Our web application design team is able to produce cost effective sites regardless of the budget. We regularly work on low cost brochure style web sites to globally reaching e-commerce installations.

Our approach is to meet with you face-to-face to understand your business goals and vision. With a detailed understanding of your needs, we can effectively engineer and propose our complete solution to you.

This approach allows us to build successful implementations that accurately meet your needs with the most aggressive pricing in the industry.

How much do web projects cost? The answer varies greatly on what you are seeking to build. This price grid should give you a rough estimate of what your project may cost - or what you can expect to build given a set budget.

Service and Maintenance

Providing our customers with the highest level of service possible has been and will continue to be an essential ingredient to our success. Understanding this, our development teams and client relationships are structured with flexibility in mind. We routinely work on a project basis, on retainer, as well as on monthly maintenance contracts depending on a client's preference.

  • Project Basis - a set price is quoted for a determined scope of work. This structure is often used for new web site projects.
  • Hourly Retainer - hours are paid for in advance and used at the client's discretion. Many of our clients choose this structure because of its flexibility, efficiency, and convenience.
  • Monthly Maintenance - a set number of hours allotted each month for regular upkeep for a site. This is often used by larger clients with very dynamic, mission critical web sites.
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