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As the world becomes increasingly reliant on online interactivity, the security and privacy of personal data and identity become highly vulnerable and difficult to manage.

SiriusID, a blockchain-powered digital identity solution that is W3C compliant, enables control and ownership of personal information without fear of theft or abuse.

How It Works

  1. Credentials such as for KYC, medical records, and financial data are verified by trusted Credential issuers. The credentials are given unique Decentralized Identifiers (“DIDs”) and are pegged to an SSI and rooted in the blockchain.
  2. A DID document can be generated from each credential and stored in the platform’s distributed file management system. This DID document is sharded, encrypted, and distributed across multiple storage nodes making it practically unhackable.
  3. The secure and immutable nature of blockchain technology ensures that all SSIs, credentials, and personal data will persist and can be held true and trusted by any entity.

Zero Knowledge Proofs

Credentials are zero-knowledge proof, meaning they can be sufficiently trusted to the extent that no personal data is required to verify a claim.

In the event that personal data is requested, a user can selectively share what data is revealed.

Access & Recovery

Access to services and restricted environments can be granted by scanning a QR code or via facial recognition, whilst maintaining the user’s anonymity. Recovery of SSI and credentials is done by appointed delegates signing off or through facial recognition to verify the user’s identity. This is managed by ProximaX’s Supercontracts, where off-chain programmable rules govern recovery.

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