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Data Analytics Platforms

Enterprises today face challenges managing and governing their data across complex, multi-cloud and hybrid data environments. We Help you to solve these challenges through our partnership with Cloudera.

The Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) manages and secures the data lifecycle across all major public clouds and the private cloud, seamlessly connecting on-premises environments to public clouds for a hybrid data cloud experience. CDP Enables you to:

  • Control cloud costs with auto scale, suspend, and resume
  • Optimize workloads based on analytics and machine learning
  • View data lineage across any cloud and transient clusters 
  • Use a single pane of glass across hybrid and multi-clouds
  • Scale to petabytes of data and thousands of diverse users

Cloudera Data Flow

The Cloudera Data Flow platform provides a definitive solution for our clients challenges

We Solve Your Challenges

AI & Machine Learning |Real-time Data Warehousing | Security & Governance

  • Data ingestion - High volume streaming sources, multiple disparate message formats, wide variety of vendor devices and sources
  • Real Time Insights - Real-time analysis of high volume, high velocity data streams
  • Visibility - Overarching & comprehensive view of the end to end data flow, bottlenecks and consumption methods 
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