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The Dragonfly CBDC solution combines the best of traditional and blockchain-based finance, empowering governments and financial institutions with fast, secure, and private transactions. Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs) can access private transactions only visible to the counterparties and the overseeing central bank or regulators. They can also open dedicated interest-bearing accounts with central banks without affecting existing customer deposits.

Our CDBC solution helps central banks monitor cash flows and reserves in real-time for accurate policy-making. It also mitigates money laundering and terrorist financing risks, besides optimizing compliance.

Dragonfly was a winner at G20 TechSprint, 2022

The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and Bank of Indonesia worked with the Indonesian Presidency to organize the G20 TechSprint 2022, focusing on CBDCs. We were a winner in this global competition with over a hundred participating teams. Our problem statement concerned building effective and robust means for CBDC issuance, distribution, and transfers.

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